5 Weeks, 5 Ways to Share: Review Your Social Media Feed

One in five people will experience mental health challenges in their lives. For Mental Health Awareness Month this May, we’re presenting five topics — one per week — to discuss and share.

NAMI Westside LA’s Mental Health Awareness Month Challenge for Week 2: Unfollow 5 Accounts on Social Media and Share Your 5 Favorite Accounts

Start by unfollowing 5 accounts on social media. More than 5 is okay, too! The point is to make sure your feed is filled with posts that feel right for you.

To choose the accounts to unfollow (or mute), start by paying attention to how you feel when you’re scrolling through your feed(s). Are there posts or accounts that make you feel uncomfortable, insecure, upset, annoyed, or anxious? Do you shake your head, roll your eyes, or scroll fast to get past some posts? Thank you, next!

While you’re paying closer attention to the posts on your feed(s) that bother you, also take note of the accounts you love — with posts that entertain or amuse you, that move you, that motivate and inspire you, that make you feel connected. There’s a lot of debate about the dangers of social media, but we see a lot of good posts and guess that you do, too. Now, share your five favorite accounts with friends (and us!)