NAMI Westside Los Angeles

Celebrating 40 Years

Welcome to a milestone celebration of resilience, community, and progress. For four decades, NAMI Westside Los Angeles has been at the forefront of mental health advocacy, support, and education, dedicated to building a more understanding and compassionate world for those affected by mental illness.

From humble beginnings, our organization has grown into a beacon of hope, providing vital resources, support groups, and educational programs to individuals and families navigating the challenges of mental health conditions. Our journey reflects our unwavering commitment to destigmatize mental illness, advocate for accessible care, and empower our community through knowledge and support.

As we mark our 40th anniversary, we honor the collective efforts of our volunteers, members, and supporters who have contributed to our mission. Together, we have created a legacy of change, transforming lives and influencing mental health policies for the better.

Join us in celebrating this significant milestone as we reflect on our accomplishments and look ahead to the future. With your continued support, we are committed to advancing our mission, expanding our reach, and fostering a society where mental health is prioritized and everyone receives the support they need to thrive.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to 40 years of making a difference—and to many more years of hope, healing, and advocacy.