Meet Nami, the beloved support K9 of the Beverly Hills Police Department in sunny Southern California. Nami, a dedicated and adorable member of the force, lives a life marked by luxury and purpose under the golden palms of Beverly Hills.

s a cherished support canine, Nami plays an invaluable role in providing comfort, love, and emotional support to both the community and her fellow officers. Her days are filled with interactions that not only brighten the lives of all she meets but also exemplify the profound impact that support animals can have within law enforcement settings.

Whether she’s greeting residents during community events or offering a calming presence in times of stress, Nami embodies the spirit of service with every wag of her tail. Her presence is a gentle reminder of the soft-hearted side of the police force, making her a true asset to the Beverly Hills PD. Nami’s story is not just about her role but also about her life of well-deserved luxury, where she enjoys the best treats and the most scenic walks, truly living “the good life” in one of the most glamorous cities in the world.