Turn your passion into action.

Nami West Los Angeles doesn’t just advocate for mental health; we pour our hearts into it, fervently championing mental well-being at the city, county, and state tiers. Our mission is fueled by souls ablaze with a desire for transformative change.

When you stand with us, you aren’t merely advocating—you’re amplifying a collective roar. We’ll ensure you’re equipped with the latest action alerts and avenues to infuse your unique voice into our crusade. Dive into our exclusive NAMI Smarts for Advocacy—a power-packed 2-hour training session—crafted meticulously to empower you with the tools and insights to channel your personal narrative into a potent force for mental health legislation. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us, and together, let’s champion a brighter future for mental health.

Our advocacy program can help you:

  • Understand how state and city policy and current events shape the mental health system.
  • Successfully meet and communicate with legislators.
  • Create an “elevator pitch” using your own mental health story to make an ask of legislators.