Lowell Milken Family Foundation Grant for Mental Health Education, Support and Advocacy Efforts

We are thrilled to share the news that we have been granted $1.2 from the Lowell Milken Family Foundation to provide programmatic and operational support for our affiliate for the next three years.

“This gift furthers our foundation’s mission over more than three decades to equip people to pursue and attain lives that have value to themselves as well as to others,” Lowell Milken says. “Our new commitment will enable NAMI Westside LA to deepen the effectiveness of its programs and services; maintain, enrich and grow its strong leadership and staff; and continue to provide classes and community programs to families across Westside Los Angeles.” 

“Our organization has distinguished itself, both within California and on a national level, by our ability to pivot all our programs onto a virtual platform in 2020,” says our Executive Director, Erin Raftery Ryan. “Throughout the pandemic, we expanded our programs, conducted additional facilitator trainings, and provided mentorship along the way to other NAMI CA affiliates. NAMI National even arranged for us to lead a workshop for NAMI affiliates across the country on how to deliver virtual services more effectively. This generous gift from the Lowell Milken Family Foundation reaffirms the value of this work and challenges us to reach even greater heights at a time when our programs and services are needed by so many.” 

Adds our Program Director, Tim Davis: “Our partnership with the Lowell Milken Family Foundation allowed us to expand all our programs during the pandemic to meet the increased needs of our community. Since March of 2020, we have conducted over 175 Ending the Silence virtual presentations, reaching over 2,500 students, educators and parents. Over that same period of time, NAMI Westside LA has also expanded the classes and support groups we offer, while creating new ways for our members to build community and find hope through several innovative awareness-raising, stigma-busting events.” 

“By investing in the human capital of NAMI Westside Los Angeles, Lowell Milken has given our affiliate the gift of long-term sustainability and allowed us to flourish in ways that were never before possible,” says our board president Sharon Dunas. “Over the past two years, and during one of the most challenging mental and medical health crises of our time, the LMFF gift has enabled us to further our standing as a pillar across the many diverse communities of Los Angeles County.”

We are grateful for the support and excited to further expand our efforts to further serve our community!  

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