What We’re Grateful For in 2020

It goes without saying that we’ve all faced challenges this year, and we’re grateful for each other and our NAMI family. We have learned that taking the time to pause and reflect on gratitude is good for mental health, so we asked our NAMI WLA team to share what they’re grateful for this year.

“I am grateful to spend another year on this planet with my wonderful husband. He is not only an inspiration to our family but he does his best to help co-President the board and stay involved. My two son’s have been extra miracles and last but not least my NAMI staff, board and friends. I love you all with all my heart. May 2021 keep you safe and at peace.” — Adaline

“In this present moment, I am in a deep state of appreciation for my beautiful home by the water. The ocean has always been my place of healing and I feel an overwhelming sense of THANK YOU for my gifted opportunity to live right by her.” — Britt

“Despite the craziness of 2020, I am grateful to this year for encouraging me to slow down, be present, and recognize what is important. It has reminded me of the value in reaching out and connecting with those around us, near and far.” — Brittany

“I am so grateful and honored to be a member of the NAMI Westside LA family. I walked into my first NAMI class scared, alone, in denial and desperate for guidance. I had no idea how NAMI Westside would help me change my life.” — Cheryl

“I am grateful for learning so much from NAMI’s Family-to-Family class and being a NAMI support group facilitator, giving me an opportunity to help others. I try and give back by giving support to NAMI family support members who are in crisis. I open up my heart and share my experiences with them to give them hope and strength. I empathize with them and have compassion for them. I call them all my heroes because they are trying so hard to help their love ones live a better life. There is always a tomorrow for all of us.” — Cynthia

“I am grateful for my family, friends and communities I belong to. Although every day in year 2020 has been extreme, scary and unprecedented at times, I gained more perspective in my life. Health is the most valuable commodity and support of family/friends is precious and priceless. The concept of mental health is becoming more apparent to the world and I am thankful to be a part of the amazing NAMI WLA team.” — Dorit

“I am grateful to be surrounded by such amazing, passionate, and supportive mental health advocates at NAMI WLA. Our team inspires me every day to take a stand against the stigma surrounding mental health.” — Elizabeth

“I am  grateful for my family and to be a part of the NAMI WLA family. It is an honor to work with a group of people who fight to eliminate shame and stigma and care so deeply about providing mental health support for our community, especially during these uncertain times.”  — Erin

“I am grateful for my health, recovery, and the hope I feel in my heart. I am also thankful for all of my loved ones — family, friends, and everybody else.” –Garrett

“I am grateful to wake up each day  feeling there is hope for our planet.” — Lanetta

“I am grateful for the opportunity to share experiences and stories with others. I am grateful for the connection I can make with friends and family, and even strangers.” — Marian

“I am very grateful for my family and friends.  This year I am especially grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones. I am also thankful that our democracy is intact and hopefully will be strengthened in the years to come.” — Marlene

“I am grateful for my family, friends and to be part of the wonderful NAMI WLA family.” — Payal

“This year, I am especially thankful for the moments of joy I share each day with the two gentlemen with whom I share a home (one of them human, the other canine). I’m also endlessly grateful that my work professionally and creatively supports philanthropic organizations such as NAMI, ones that provide invaluable resources for a kinder and more compassionate future.” — Sarah

“I am so grateful that I can use my knowledge and compassion to help families survive absolutely catastrophic experiences with their relatives with brain issues. I am grateful for our  NAMI community, our staff and wonderful caring Board who continue  to support our NAMI offerings to communities in need.” — Sharon

“I am grateful for my family and friends, which includes my NAMI community, for helping me feel loved, supported, and connected during these especially challenging times.” — Stef

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide mental health support for students at a time when it is needed more than ever, and in the process to remind myself of the importance of prioritizing my own mental health.” — Tim

Community Voices: What are YOU grateful for? Share your answer!