We Asked, You Answered: What Are You Grateful For?

After we shared a list of the reasons we are grateful this year, we asked our supporters to do the same. The responses have touched us and filled us with hope.

“I am grateful for having my son alive and stable at this time. He has had a tumultuous ride living with schizoaffective disorder, and we almost lost him…. He is a gourmet cook, empathetic listener, and a whiz at scrabble! I love him from the bottom, the top, and the middle of my heart.” — Deborah

“I’m grateful for NAMI!!! I appreciate all your encouragement and for making others aware of mental health issues. We all struggle with something but we’re not alone and the stories that are shared give hope to ALL!!” — sonflower1960

“My strength to keep going” — kate.landia

“Earlier this year, when my son had his first manic episode, was hospitalized in the psych ward and diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I felt like my life was over. Today, my boy is stable and thriving, and feels more like himself every day. Our family, which had been shattered by the experience of watching him struggle, is very much on the mend again. Thank God for NAMI. Their 12-week family class and support groups helped me confront my shame about my son’s condition, and taught me that his bipolar disorder is as common and treatable as his sister’s nut allergy.” — Tim

“Thanks for my Nami Westside Los Angeles Family to Family Class helped me realize. I AM NOT ALONE!!!! Thanks 🙏Sharon Dunas..The Queen NAMI Warrior! And 💚Adaline & Ralph Fagen my NAMI Teacher’s and Friends Forever!!! — janisblack1

“Life” — jhayemusic

“Before I began attending the NAMI family support group, I was struggling with guilt and fear for my loved one. Now I have hope.” – Stef

“Family and friends.” – cultivatinggrowth

Want to share what you’re grateful for? Comment on our social media posts, post your own using #NAMIWLAGratitute or submit your answer via our form. We will continue to update this post with select answers.