Mental Illness Awareness Week 2022

In October, we mark Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 2-8), which was established by NAMI in 1990 to educate and increase awareness about mental illness (now we use the terms mental health and mental illness interchangeably to describe the conditions that impact our communities). A lot has changed in the more than 30 years since NAMI started it and encouraged its affiliates and others to raise awareness of mental illness, fight discrimination, and provide support for those struggling.

This year, NAMI’s theme for Mental Illness Awareness Week is “What I Wish I Had Known,” and we are asking community members to share their experiences on a wide range of topics—to focus on the power of lived experience. Elevating the voices of people with lived experience and sharing their stories of recovery helps others.

What I Wish I’d Known About…

  • Monday, October 3: Stigma
  • Tuesday, October 4: Medication [It’s National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding on Oct. 4]
  • Wednesday, October 5: Therapy
  • Thursday, October 6: Disclosing [It’s National Depression Screening Day on Oct. 6]
  • Friday, October 7: Caregiving

Share your experiences!