Giving Tuesday 2021: Believing, Supporting, Giving

There is a lot that inspires us about the “Ted Lasso” TV series, including its storylines about friendship and kindness and treating mental health conditions with therapy. We are also motivated by the title character’s words of wisdom and resounding belief in hope, which is represented by a “Believe” sign hanging in the locker room. Lasso tells his team he doesn’t like the expression “It’s the hope that kills you.” He says, “I think it’s the lack of hope that comes and gets you. See, I believe in hope. I believe in belief.”

We do, too! 

Our belief in hope is what guides and sustains us. We give to our community every day by sharing our personal experiences and knowledge because we believe there is help and hope for those impacted by mental health conditions. No matter the circumstances, we always lean on our NAMI Principles of Support, including this one: “We will never give up hope.” 

Our community members count on us when they face challenges and struggles as a result of mental health conditions. We are here for individuals and families who need help navigating a mental health crisis. We are here for individuals seeking support on how to live with a new mental health diagnosis. We are here for families who want to be supportive of loved ones living with mental health conditions. We are here to raise awareness and educate youth about mental health. We are here to advocate for better services for our community. 

In all of this, we are here because we believe in hope. 

Giving Tuesday is a day to support nonprofit organizations and we are grateful for the support that comes back to us from our community. Our members, supporters, and partners help us maintain our beliefs and sustain our programs. We truly are stronger together and we thank you for your any support you can give back to us this Giving Tuesday.