Janis Black Warner Speaker Series

Real Talk About Mental Health

NAMI Westside Los Angeles is proud to present the Janis Black Warner Speaker series, which features talks and presentations by mental health professionals.

Janis black warner series

We are presenting a special Pride-themed edition of our Janis Black Warner Speaker.

May 2023

Dr. Stephen Marder, MD, Professor of Psychiatry at Semel Institute for Neuroscience at UCLA. Dr. Marder spoke about new medications for psychotic disorders, as well as tardive dyskinesia, diabetes, and obesity.

April 2023

Kevin Nahai, a certified life coach, speaker, author and therapist on debunking misconceptions about people struggling with mental health, de-stigmatizing mental illness, and suggesting effective treatment options.

March 2023

Dr. Mark Ragins, author of “Journeys Beyond the Frontier: A Rebellious Guide to Psychosis and Other Extraordinary Experiences,” and a street psychologist who provides outreach to unhoused community members with a mobile clinic. His presentation: “Recovery Perspectives of Homelessness and Mental Illness.”

February 2023

Adam Sholder, Executive Director of Insight Enrichment Group and one of our family support group facilitators, presents“Building Resiliency: Vicarious Trauma for Families and Caregivers.”

January 2023

Brenda Sarai Zuniga shared practical tools to help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

December 2023

Dr. Ken Duckworth, NAMI’s Chief Medical Officer and author of NAMI’s first-ever book “You Are Not Alone,” was joined with a panel of subjects who were interviewed for the book.