“Preparation & Response Protocols for NAMI Families and Caregivers” by James Elliott.

The document by Elliott helps to empower NAMI families and caregivers by providing them with the specific knowledge required to properly deal with missing persons incidents.

This material was originally intended to be handed out to participants during live NAMI presentations in Los Angeles County, California. Therefore, some of the material is specific to this region, particularly the CA Penal Code laws related to missing persons and how CA law enforcement should handle such investigations.

This document also contains vital information about universally important topics such as how to build and maintain a missing person case file (to properly prepare for a missing person incident), and how to utilize a detailed missing persons action plan during a crisis.  This information can and should be utilized by anyone, anywhere, who may deal with missing persons incidents.

Because this material was designed to be paired with live presentations by an experienced missing persons investigator, it is not intended to be comprehensive or complete. It is simply a starting point for discussion, research and awareness. After reviewing the online document (found here), any specific questions may be directed to the author of the material.

James Elliott
Owner/Qualified Manager
Missing Persons Investigation Agency
CA Private Investigator License No. 27725
Phone: 626-807-9431
Email: consultation@missingpersoninvestigations.com


(a) The Department of Justice shall operate a statewide, toll-free telephone hotline 24 hours per day, seven days per week to receive information regarding missing children and dependent adults and relay this information to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

1-800-222-FIND (1-800-222-3463)

[If you cannot get immediate cooperation from your local law enforcement agency, call the California Dept. of Justice hotline to report your mentally ill missing person directly.]