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Trauma and Beyond Center

At our outpatient trauma therapy center in Los Angeles we know that we can hold trauma in our body and in our cells, leading to ongoing distress, physical symptoms, possibly even autoimmune disorders, migraines, and anxiety. We can hold trauma in our emotions leading to depression, fear, alienation from others. Trauma therapist can hold trauma in our minds leading to a projection of distrust and lack of safety with others and future prediction of hurt. Traumatic experiences can lead to difficulty connecting with others, with attunement to self, with the ability to trust, with the ability to become autonomous and independent, and with the ability to connect intimately with others. 

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Trauma Counseling Center of Los Angeles

The Trauma Counseling Center of Los Angeles uses innovative therapy techniques to help people heal traumatic experiences and understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When you’re learning about trauma counseling, you’ll also hear about our variety of therapy techniques. 

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