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Aspiranet - Los Angeles Office

Aspiranet offers a unique blend of services including foster family support, adoption through foster care, services for foster youth transitioning to adulthood, mental health services, residential care, intensive home-based care, and community-based family resources. This location has a contract with the Department of Children and Family Services and referrals are made through the county. The behavioral health programs are for children already in placement in foster family or kin care, who are at risk of disruption. 

■ Phone Number: 310-535-1500 

■ Website: 

■ Main Office: 3605 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90807

Family Urgent Response System (FURS)

FURS includes a statewide hotline as well as local mobile response teams to provide immediate trauma-informed support to current and former foster youth and their caregivers. 

■ Phone Number: 833-939-3877 

■ Website: Flyer-Caregiver-Final-English.pdf

Intensive Field Capable Clinical Services

The Intensive Field Capable Clinical Services (IFCCS) program serves children and transitional aged youth up to 21 years old with an open DCFS case who have had difficulties maintaining a stable placement for an extended period of time. Services include individual and family therapy, vocational and education referrals, case management, trauma-informed services and linkage to community resources. The program is funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. 

■ Phone Number: 323-769-7179 

■ Website: services/ 

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is here to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children living in foster care, as well as to support foster parents, relative caregivers and resource families through the DCFS process, and to provide access to the tools needed to care for vulnerable children. 

■ Phone Number: 800-697-4444 

■ Website:

UCLA- Ties for Families

UCLA Treatment Intervention Education and Services (TIES) for Families is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to optimizing the growth and development of foster/adoptive children, from birth to age 25, and their families. Children in foster care and adoption are always our sole focus and only source of referrals. One stop shop to rally around children and families. Medi-Cal accepted. Mental Health services include medication support, psychological testing, therapeutic behavioral services (TBS) and infant mental health. Services available in English and Spanish. 

■ Phone Number: 310-825-6110 

■ Main Office: 1000 Veteran Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90095