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Have you had a challenging time finding the mental health care you need, whether it is obtaining medication or finding a provider? Or are you a family member whose loved one has had a difficult time finding the care or medication they need? We want to hear about your challenges so that we can help NAMI advocate for better care and services. (You have the option to share your experience without using a name.) Share your experiences here.

Answer Our Quick Survey Questions

We know that holiday gatherings can be stressful, sometimes more so for those living with mental health conditions and their loved ones. Sharing what helps us can provide support and comfort to others. What advice do you have about making holiday gatherings less stressful?

Question on Simple Pleasures, Brilliant Things, Life’s Wonders: We were inspired by “Every Brilliant Thing,” the play at the Audrey Skirball Theater at the Geffen Playhouse and the story of a young boy who creates a handwritten list of brilliant things the world has to offer as a way to cheer up his mother living with depression. What brings you joy? Share simple pleasures or brilliant things that enrich your life. 

Question for School Support: How do you cope with back-to-school stress? Do you have coping strategies or advice to share with others (students, parents, or educators)?

Question on Compassion: NAMI community members are known for being compassionate. Can you share an act of compassion from a community member that has helped you during a difficult time? Share something someone said to you or what they did that helped.

Question for Pride Month: What would you say to someone from the LBGTQI+ community facing mental health challenges? If you are a member of the LGBTQI+ community, can you share what has helped you maintain or improve your mental health?   

Question on Community: What does it mean to you to be part of the NAMI community? Have other NAMI members in support groups or classes helped you? 

Question on Stress: What are your stressors? What do you do to manage stress? 

Question on Self-Harm: If you have experience with self-harm, what has helped you in your recovery? What do you wish people knew about it?

Question on Crisis Management: If you have experienced a mental health crisis, or witnessed a love one in crisis, what has helped you cope post-crisis?

Question on Policies: Why do you vote for mental health? How would better laws or policies help you or your loved one living with a mental health condition?

Question on Advice for Youth: What do you wish you had known about mental health when you were younger?

Question on Recovery: Who has helped you in your recovery?

Question on Books: What books about mental health do you recommend?

Question on the Benefits of Nature: Do you feel the mental health benefits from spending time in nature? Does outdoor recreation make you feel good?

Question on Mindfulness: What mindful practices do you count on to support your mental health? Meditation? Breathing exercises? Calming activities like gardening, walking, journaling, creating art? 

Question on Mental Health Awareness: What would you say to raise mental health awareness and help eradicate stigma? What would you say to those who are not impacted to help them understand the importance of opening up about mental health and supporting those living with mental health conditions?

Question on Calming Your Mind: What do you do to de-clutter your mind?

Question on New Year’s Intentions: What are your new year’s resolutions or intentions?

Question on Kindness: How has an act of kindness helped you? How do you practice kindness in your life?

Question on the NAMI’s Support: How has NAMI helped you?

Question on Gratitude: What are you grateful for?

Question on Hope: What gives you hope for the future?

Question on Staying Connected: How do you stay connected with loved ones?

Question on Self-Care: What are your self-care practices?

Question on Music: What songs make you feel good?