ICYMI: UCLA’s Mental Health HOOP-LA & Picnic fundraiser

Hello everyone! May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and to mark this important event, NAMI Westside LA, along with Resnick NPH staff, friends, former patients, and family members, came together for an action-packed and fun-filled day of activities at Clover Park in Santa Monica on May 11, 2024.

What We Did:

  • Basketball Games: Participants brought their A-game and competed in friendly basketball matches.
  • Family Games: Fun activities suitable for all ages.
  • Music: Enjoyed lively and joyful tunes.
  • Picnic: Relaxed on the grass with delicious food and great company.
  • NAMI Westside LA Booth: Our booth provided information about mental health resources and support available in the community.

This year, instead of NAMI’s yearly wellness event, the celebrations were customized by each individual organization to ensure more meaningful and tailored experiences. Our event, the “UCLA Mental Health HOOP-LA & Picnic,” was Resnick’s formal participation in NAMI’s Do-It-Your-Way fundraising and awareness-raising program. 

The funds raised will empower our local NAMI professionals to continue offering their amazing, life-changing mental health programs to people in our community.

How You Can Continue to Support:

  1. Make a Donation: Your contribution will help ensure that friends and neighbors facing mental health crises receive the resources they need.
  2. Stay Involved: Follow NAMI Westside LA for updates on future events and ways to participate.

NAMI Westside LA was there, manning a booth and supporting the festivities. We were thrilled to connect with so many of you and share information about the incredible work we do.

I’m all in. Are YOU all in as well? Your support means the world to NAMI and the many individuals it helps every day. Please donate now and stay tuned for more events!

Let’s continue to make a memorable and impactful difference together! 🌞🏀🎶