The Everyday Advocate

By Britt Turpack

Those who have been following my journey know the positive impact Angela Manuel Davis has made on my life. She’s a great life teacher of mine and the person who crystallized the importance of having positive role models to look up to, especially in turbulent times. 

One of the most impactful lessons she taught me was on CHANGE. 

She taught me that in order to see positive change happen on a MACRO level, it starts on the MICRO level. The day-to-day. The small and seemingly mundane and often overlooked daily choices that are, in fact, the most impactful, important — and create the largest transformation. 

Britt and Angela

Learning and digesting this lesson and putting it into action EMPOWERED me to know I CAN make a difference. 

There is a lot going on in the world right now, especially from a mental health perspective. And as someone who lives with anxiety, thinking about how I can make a difference in my community and at large can be very overwhelming… sometimes paralyzing. Remembering Angela’s lesson takes the pressure off a bit and feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. It allows me to take steps forward, having the awareness that the small choices have a domino effect and create large impact. This allows me to then step into the role of THE EVERYDAY ADVOCATE. In this place, joining the fight for good seems less overwhelming. 

So, like I said before in a previous post…

Pause. Listen. Process. Respond. Hold space for others. Look people in the eye. Smile. Check in on a loved one. Hold a door for a stranger. Surprise the person in line behind you at the cafe and buy their coffee (so they can GET THEIR COFFEE GET THEIR DAY). Pay it forward to those directly in your community. It creates a beautiful ripple effect and touches souls beyond what you can even imagine. And that is where change, on that really really really BIG MACRO level happens. And it all started with YOU and your choice to show up and accept the role of THE EVERYDAY ADVOCATE.