Taking a Pause for Wellness

Following the lead of NAMI National, we at NAMI Westside LA are embracing the transformative practice of self-care by participating in the annual ‘Rest Up Week‘ from July 3-7, 2023. This initiative is part of our commitment to fostering a StigmaFree workplace, where mental health is prioritized, and well-being is nurtured.

During this week, our team will be stepping back to recharge and reflect—engaging in activities like mindfulness, taking leisurely walks, or simply unplugging from digital devices. This time off is crucial for our mental health and overall wellness, aligning with our mission to support not just the community, but also each other.

CEO Daniel H. Gillison Jr. reminds us that supporting mental health is not just the right thing to do—it’s a smart business decision. By rejuvenating our team, we enhance productivity, job satisfaction, and continue to create a supportive, caring culture.

We encourage everyone to consider how they can advocate for mental health support in their workplaces. Join the movement and learn more about creating a healthier work environment at nami.org/restupweek


Let’s make mental health a priority together!

During this time, there will be no support groups held both on Zoom or in person. Programming will resume as normal on Saturday, July 6th.