Message from Our Executive Director: Welcoming Spring and Feeling Hopeful

I love this quote from Lady Bird Johnson: “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” With the arrival of Spring, we do feel more hopeful. I have been feeling it on recent walks. It’s as if nature is urging us to stop and observe its beauty and the promise of what can be. 

We started talking about the mental health benefits of spring cleaning with our team. What can we get rid of? What can we refresh? What can we do to maintain emotional balance and stability as the seasons change, and life continues to present challenging transitions?

You know that feeling of satisfaction and relief when you clear off the dining room table, or clean out your closet, or you pull weeds from a garden? We can also feel better when we take steps to declutter our minds. We can remove things or activities that no longer serve us, whether it’s cleaning out a closet or unfollowing social media accounts that make us feel unsettled or insecure. We can add habits or routines to provide us with more balance and stability, like exercising and getting a good night of sleep. During recent self-care sessions we have offered to our team, we have heard about daily affirmationsbreathing practices, practicing gratitude and more simple practices to train our brains and nurture our nervous systems.

We hope you’ll join us in thinking about what we can all do to declutter our minds and be our best selves. Read more here.

Back to the subject of Spring making us feel more hope. What makes you feel hopeful? Share your answer with us in our Community Voices survey.