Mental Health Awareness Month 2022: May Events and FunDuel

As we welcome Spring, we are getting ready to offer a full slate of Mental Health Awareness Month activities during May.

Our events will shine a hopeful light on the many resources we provide to those impacted by mental health conditions, and the many paths available to recovery. It also serves to highlight NAMI WLA’s big annual fundraising campaign. We have previously raised funds with NAMIWalks events; since the start of the pandemic, we have responded to the needs of our community by offering alternative events. We hope you will join us at our events and in raising funds with FundDuel (more coming soon!) Visit to learn more!

May’s events and services will include:  

  • Town Hall in partnership with the City of West Hollywood (date TBD)
  • Janis Black Warner Speaker Series with Dr. Mark Ragins (May 4)
  • Self-care workshops on the Wellness Stage at the Santa Monica Promenade (May 21)
  • Celebration of Service Awards at the Santa Monica Promenade (May 21) 
  • Resource booths at the Third Street Promenade (through May)
  • Outdoor film screening of Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out,” presented in partnership with Virginia Avenue Park in Santa Monica (May 27)
  • Family workshop staffed by our NAMI on Campus students using the NAMI children’s mental health coloring and activity book, Meet Little Monster (May 27)

But we can’t do it alone. We need your support and donations.

It’s the generosity of partners and members like you that allows us to continue leading the important movement to end the shame and stigma that still persists around mental health conditions. We are now connecting more community members than ever before to our free educational classes and support programs, and also expanding our efforts to support youth and underserved populations.

Since NAMI WLA, along with other LA NAMI affiliates, will not be participating in NAMIWalks this year, we are encouraging our members to participate in the following ways:

  1. Give directly to NAMI WLA.
  2. Join our FUN-raising Challenge to “Share Your Self-Care.” Visit for more information.
  3. Join us at all of the events!