Janis Black Warner Speaker Series for January 2021

For the January 2021 Janis Black Warner Speaker Series installment, Kartar Diamond will join us to discuss her memoir, “Noah’s Schizophrenia: A Mother’s Search for Truth.” Join us Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at 7 pm PT to hear from Kartar, who has been advocating for her son since he became ill at age 15 and wrote her book about the immense emotional toll of the disease; the widespread, chronic deficiencies in our mental healthcare system; and how each family can cope with these obstacles. Most of her experiences have taken place in Los Angeles County and she has a lot to share with fellow family members. 

Join the Zoom event by clicking here. (Don’t know Zoom? Here is the Help Center page from Zoom, and here is a video to explain how to join a meeting.)