Proposition 1, which was passed by voters in March 2024, will make necessary updates to modernize the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) and to prioritize funding for individuals living with serious mental illness.

Why does the MHSA need to be updated?

While the MHSA has positively transformed the public mental health system, addressing the critical needs of those living with serious mental illness has gradually diminished along the way. We need to prioritize Californians with the deepest mental health needs, living in encampments, or suffering the worst substance use issues.

Was NAMI involved?

NAMI California proudly collaborated with the Newsom Administration, Senator Eggman and Assemblymember
Irwin to ensure consideration of family voices throughout the legislative process.

What will Prop 1 fund?
Prop 1 will use billions of dollars in existing funds for services and resources to those living with the most severe mental illness. Together, we can ensure that individuals living with the most serious mental illnesses are receiving the resources and support they need to succeed and that families are supported.

    • Increases funding in the Behavioral Health Supports and Services funding bucket, while also funding supportive services such as family engagement and psychoeducation.
    • Provides additional resources for housing, including both community and acute care settings, which address the unique challenges faced by veterans grappling with behavioral health issues.
    • Significantly increases treatment beds, providing funding for 11,000 behavioral health beds and 27,000 outpatient beds to meet the needs of those experiencing severe mental illness.
    • Includes enhancing state oversight of counties, guaranteeing they are accountable for investments generated through the bond and that voter approval is required for any future amendments.
    • Cements critical resources within the legislative framework to ensure the original MHSA intent remains intact, including funding prioritized for outreach and engagement and stigma reduction and prevention.

Will Prop 1 increase the mental health workforce?

Yes, Prop 1 will help fund additional professionals so that people with mental health needs can get help in real time.

Will Prop 1 help veterans?

Yes, Prop 1 will provide $1 billion to serve veterans experiencing homelessness, mental health and substance abuse issues.

Will Prop 1 help those who get caught in the legal system? 

Yes, Prop 1 will prioritize treatment not punishment for the mentally ill.

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FAQ About Proposition 1