Our region is facing more wildfires and we want to take the steps we can to be safe. We also want to thank our first responders for protecting us and helping us to safety when needed, and we want to stress the importance of attending to both the immediate and long-term mental health needs of all affected community members. (We have free support groups.)

Current Fire(s) We’re Tracking for Westside LA

The Getty Fire

Evacuation Areas and Centers

LA Fire Department updates on the Getty Fire, including evacuation information

Getty Fire Evacuation Centers (small animals welcome), as of Mon., Oct. 28; check LAFD for updates.

Map of Getty Fire evacuation zones

Road Closures


Live Updates on Fires

Los Angeles Fire Department

California State’s Response Website

You can also get live fire department and emergency services updates in real time via Twitter. Note: You don’t have to have a Twitter account to view the updates on these accounts; you can view them like you would any other website. Accounts:

Los Angeles City Fire Department on Twitter, Citywide

Los Angeles Fire Department on Twitter: @LAFD

LA Fire Department West Bureau: @LAFDwest

Chief Terrazas on Twitter: @LAFDchief

LAFD conversation on Twitter: @LAFDtalk

LAFD Air Operations: @LAFDairops

Ready LA live on Twitter: @ReadyLA

Fire Preparedness 

Sign up for emergency updates from Ready LA

Los Angeles County “Ready, Set, Go: Personal Wildfire Action Plan”

Fire Safety Tips from Los Angeles County Fire Department

Wildfire is Coming: Are You Ready? Brochure

How You Can Prepare for Wildfires (LA Times)