Halloween can be, well, tricky for a lot of people. Children and adults living with anxiety and other mental health conditions face fear and stigma on just about every corner. (A google search shows that straightjacket costumes are still being sold.)

Below, some good posts on Halloween and mental health.

Tips for Parents

“Taking Halloween by the Horns” (Child Mind Institute)

“How To Help Your Kids Overcome Fear And Anxiety Triggered By Halloween” (Huffington Post)

About those insensitive, offensive, stigmatizing costumes…

Image: @gmf.designs

“My Mental Illness Is Not Your ‘Scary’ Halloween Costume” (Healthline)

“Mental Illness Is Not a Halloween Costume” (Psychology Today)

“You Can Be Scary This Halloween Without Perpetuating Stigma” (NAMI National)

This is Your Brain on Halloween

“You Love Haunted Houses Because They’re Playing a Trick On Your Brain” (Time)

“Celebrating Halloween When You Have A Mental Illness Can Be Triggering, & This Is How To Cope” (Bustle)

Halloween and Mental Health