As we enter the season of giving, we are reflecting on how generous our community members are year-round. 

Our team and community members freely give to one another every day. They are generous with their time and their presence, lending their support to one another in support groups, classes, and at our events. What they give is invaluable: patience, compassion, and wisdom. 

While those living with mental health conditions and their loved ones can often feel alone and isolated by their experiences, our community members ensure that we are supported. We listen, we offer support, we share experiences. We grow more hopeful and stronger by supporting one another. 

This generosity we witness every day motivates and inspires us. 

The focus on giving this holiday season—and on this Giving Tuesday—is a good reminder for us all to give what we can and when we can.  

We count on the generosity of our community at large to support the work that helps our community members impacted by mental health conditions, and we thank you for your membership and generous donations.

Thank you!

Giving Tuesday 2022

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