The California Mental Health Laws are found in the Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) 5200s.

California WIC 5008.2 is the right TO PROVIDE pertinent historical mental health history to health care providers.

Cite as: Cal. Welf. & Inst. Code §5008.2.

(a)When applying the definition of mental disorder for the purposes of Articles 2 (commencing with Section 5200), 4 (commencing with Section 5250), and 5 (commencing with Section 5275) of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 5350), the historical course of the person’s mental disorder, as determined by available relevant information about the course of the person’s mental disorder, shall be considered when it has a direct bearing on the determination of whether the person is a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or is gravely disabled, as a result of a mental disorder. The historical course shall include, but is not limited to, evidence presented by persons who have provided, or are providing, mental health or related support services to the patient, the patient’s medical records as presented to the court, including psychiatric records, or evidence voluntarily presented by family members, the patient, or any other person designated by the patient. Facilities shall make every reasonable effort to make information provided by the patient’s family available to the court. The hearing officer, court, or jury shall exclude from consideration evidence it determines to be irrelevant because of remoteness of time or dissimilarity of circumstances.

(b)This section shall not be applied to limit the application of Section 5328 or to limit existing rights of a patient to respond to evidence presented to the court.

California law WIC 5358.4 grants the right of the LPS Conservator TO PLACE a person in a county treatment facility or hospital.

        California Welfare Institute Act—-Code 5300 5358.5. ​

When any conservatee placed into a facility pursuant to this chapter leaves the facility without the approval of the conservator or the person in charge of the facility, or when the conservator appointed pursuant to this chapter deems it necessary to remove his conservatee to the county designated treatment facility, the conservator may take the conservatee into custody and return him to the facility or remove him to the county designated treatment facility. A conservator, at his discretion, may request a peace officer to detain the conservatee and return such person to the facility in which he was placed or to transfer such person to the county designated treatment facility, pursuant to Section 7325 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.

​Such request shall be in writing and accompanied by a certified copy of the letters of conservatorship showing the person requesting detention and transfer to be the conservator appointed pursuant to this chapter as conservator of the person sought to be detained. Either the conservator or his assistant or deputy may request detention under this section.